Happily Ever After

Because motherhood is a giant leap of faith.

Life for Faith Bleasdale has always been a bit of a battle between fantasy and reality, but as a novelist she believes that that was the way it should be. But as reality thrusts her toward a new journey into motherhood her fantasies seem to get pushed further away. As life throws the unexpected and the unwanted at her, the battle intensifies, and she is feels tested to her limits. She soon learns that being a parent isn’t a fantasy although you never stop dreaming for your child.

Faith’s journey from pregnancy through to the first year of her child’s life is anything but easy; however she learns, as she comes to terms first with motherhood, then with being a single mother, and then with having a child with Down’s Syndrome that her reality is more important and better than any fantasy. Therefore she embarks on her most important search for her and her child’s ‘Happily Ever After’, discovering that the reality of being a parent is the best fantasy ever.