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The Love Resort

Sun, sea, secrets and scandal. Famous novelist, Anne-Marie Langdale thought that living at the couples-only Caribbean resort she created would inspire her, but instead the queen of romance seems to have writers block. Convinced that attracting gorgeous young guests like the heroes and heroines in her books will kick-start her creative juices, Anne-Marie runs a […]

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Agent Provocateur

Grace and Betty were never going to be the best of friends. Grace is a honey trapper, hired to tempt unfaithful men, while Betty is a magazine journalist with a brief to write a profile of Grace’s career. Each has a moral outlook that places them world’s apart and -inevitably-fireworks explode when Betty first interviews […]

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Deranged Marriage

Would you ever consider a marriage pact? Holly did. In a heartbroken and drunken haze, it seemed to make perfect sense. George was her best friend, would always be her best friend and, if they both found themselves single at the age of thirty, well whey not? But when a decade later a man Holly […]

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Peep Show

Tanya, a wannabe producer with BIG dreams; Harvey an LA film guru with a BIG idea; some slightly odd flatmates in a BIG house; and the LITTLE secret that’s about to turn their lives upside down. Harvey arrives in London and meets Tanya who is desperately searching for her first big break. Ambition meets avarice […]

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Once upon a time there were three besuited business babes. One lacked a personality, one lacked a heart and the other was addicted to cocaine and sex. There was no way they could ever be friends. But Black Thursday stamps its fist in the city back they all work for and Ella, Virginia and Clara […]

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Happily Ever After

Because motherhood is a giant leap of faith. Life for Faith Bleasdale has always been a bit of a battle between fantasy and reality, but as a novelist she believes that that was the way it should be. But as reality thrusts her toward a new journey into motherhood her fantasies seem to get pushed […]

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