faith-bleasdaleFaith Bleasdale is the author of six works of fiction and one work of non-fiction. She grew up in North Devon, studied at The University of Bristol, where she gained a BA in History before moving to London and beginning a series of jobs from Sales to the City.

After publishing her first book, ‘Rubber Gloves or Jimmy Choos?’ she followed with Pinstripes, Peep Show, Deranged Marriage, Agent Provocateur and The Love Resort.

In 2004, she moved to Singapore, where she wrote for various Asian publications and travelled Asia and Australia, in the process working with friends on travel website Holiday Goddess.

In 2013 she wrote and published her first non-fiction book, Happily Ever After, which charts the pregnancy and first year of her son’s life. The book looks at the issues Faith faced as a single mother as well as how she came to terms with having a baby who was diagnosed at two months old with Down’s Syndrome.

Faith is currently working on her seventh novel and is also writing a blog, ‘Winning Hands Down,’ about her experiences with life, motherhood, Down’s Syndrome and being a single, working mother.

As well as her books, Faith has written for various publications including, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Sunday Times Travel, The Daily Mail, The financial Mail, Tatler Singapore, Cleo Singapore and various local publications. Whilst in Singapore she was also an agony aunt for Cleo Singapore.