photo (9)Hi, I’m Faith. I live in North Devon with my son Xavier, a place I grew up in before leaving for city life and returning to when I had my son. We have the luxury of both beautiful beaches and beautiful countryside but honestly the shopping isn’t great, and neither is the weather most of the time.

I studied History at Bristol University and History remains one of my main interests and loves. I have a dream that one day I’ll have the time and patience to write an historical novel although in the meantime I am very happy to read lots of them.

When I started writing I lived in London, which will always have a special place in my heart, but I’ve also lived in Bristol, Brighton and Singapore. For Xavier and I, North Devon is definitely home now.

I’ve written for various publications, although one of my favourite jobs was being an agony Aunt for Cleo, Singapore. I am not sure the teenagers of Singapore have ever been the same since.

Xavier is five now and he’s obviously my greatest achievement, but I also see all my books as my babies although once they are finished they are far less demanding than my beautiful boy.

I’m currently editing my seventh novel (stay tuned for news), and also my blog, ‘Winning Hands Down,’ which I hope you will follow on here.